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A novel approach to meditation, treating it as a science, and applying it using a 3 phase sequential technique, concentration, meditation and contemplation. These consecutive steps lead the meditator to reap meditation’s true benefits enabling them to enhance their lives at all levels accordingly. This being one of many esoteric truths that are being uncovered by the Center of Esoteric Science which was established by Joseph Majdalani better known as JBM in Lebanon in the late eighties.


Over the past five decades, practices of meditation have seen a jump from counterculture to mainstream. While many people are praising the stress-relieving and well being effects of mediation, a Center for Esoteric Science which I have come across recently, challenges this limited conventional usage of meditation, and points out that there is a lot more to meditation than just a mindful relaxation. This center which has been founded in Lebanon by JBM in the late eighties, tackles the subject of meditation from a scientific perspective, presenting meditation in a novel 3 phase sequential technique, all while explaining what happens at the levels of the mind and psyche during the practical application of this technique.

The novelty of this approach lies in the guiding of the meditator to start with Concentration, whereby the person is to focus all his mental faculties on a subject of choice, which is to be related to one’s inner evolutionary needs. Concentration is then to be followed by Meditation, whereby the person refrains from any mental activity, delving into the esoteric sheaths, and exploring the realms of consciousness, thus receiving information which may surge from inner sub-conscious origins, or might be brought forth from outer realms of consciousness. Finally, Mediation is to be followed by Contemplation, whereby the meditator analyses the information received during the mediation phase, all while aiming to applying it in his life, enhancing it at the appropriate level.

This approach to mediation introduces practicality to the process, and leads the meditator to apply the science of mediation and reap its benefits by enhancing his lifestyle at all levels accordingly. In this respect, let us take a practical analogy, demonstrating meditation from the esoteric sciences centre’s perspective, and go further in depth in to what is to be applied and expected by this novel 3 phase technique.

Consider the launching of a spaceship into outer space, where the purpose is to explore and gather new information, similarly meditation as a whole can be seen as the propulsion of consciousness to new realms, allowing the exploration and gathering of new knowledge.

  • Concentration can be compared to the propulsion and heading of the space ship which guide it in its journey to reach new unexplored heights. Therefore, the more the mind is focused on the subject at hand, and the more precise the destination, the further one’s consciousness expands to bring back the answers. Thus, this phase should have a clear aim in the meditator’s mind, such as a life enhancing question that the person wants answered in order to evolve esoterically. This phase is the key to the success of meditation as a whole.
  • Meditation can be compared to the stillness needed for the ship to collect the sought after information in a clean and clear manner from its surroundings, once it has gone beyond gravity. Similarly, when the mind is in stillness during meditation, one’s consciousness will be able to grasp new truths and answers from the new levels it has reached. Failing to remain still during this phase will lead to distortion in reception. This should reinforce the idea that true meditation will bring its fruits, only after successful concentration, else it will be limited to a relaxation exercise as used conventionally.
  • Finally, Contemplation is to be compared to the analytical activities that take place after the ship has returned from outer space with its new found information. Similarly, contemplation is the re-launching of the meditator’s mental activity to seek out the insights, and extract the meanings, from the subtle messages received during the meditation phase.

Further information on this novel technique can be found in the book “Meditation and Contemplation” which presents to the readers many exercises in this respect. It is worth noting here that this book has been translated and is available in 4 languages to date, and can be acquired  Amazon US, Amazon UK, and more information can be read here.

As with the mediation technique, the esoteric science centre’s uniqueness lies in the way it presents esoteric knowledge, taking a scientific approach, and uncoveri­­ng practical methods that allow each aspirant to apply its principles and improve all aspects of his life. The center’s disseminating of this knowledge is mainly done through free conferences, as well as books, and advanced exercises and techniques which are provided to its students. Over 80 books have been published to date, their scope ranges widely, of which nutrition, how to use it to nurture one’s self, taking on specific diets meanwhile explaining the esoteric makings and benefits of different foods. Growing love relations…, and enhancing a person’s mental capacities by explaining and putting forward exercises that improve one’s memory, thinking process, logic, etc.

The center treats the esoteric knowledge in a framework based on 3 main things, being karma, reincarnation, and the 7 esoteric bodies. More in depth information about the center and the esoteric knowledge can be found on the center’s web page here.

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